About the Madhouse

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Madhouse of Music is not only a huge selection of CDs, CD singles, LPs, 12” vinyl, 45’s, promo CDs and promo CD singles; but also a wide variety of audio and video DVDs, videos on VHS, posters, promotional stickers, T-shirts (both commercial and promotional), postcards and a fun array of promotional memorabilia. So as you are looking on this site, for that “diamond in the rough” CD single, advance CD or promo DVD video, why not seek out what else may have been released to promote an album or a new release from a band or artist?

So whether pop, rock, country, latin, indie, rap/hip-hop or classical, you never know what sticker, postcard or T-shirt, for example, for a single or full length album, was made to help with the promotion. Since the Madhouse of Music is constantly acquiring new releases, there will always be additions made to the inventory, but don’t forget about the older, rare, out-of-print items you may be looking for, because the Madhouse of Music has been collecting those for over 20 years. We have a decent amount of Beatles posters and memorabilia.You may also want to inquire through e-mail about an item you may not be able to find, because even though it may not be listed on the site for sale, does not mean it is not available.

We hope you are able to locate a particular CD single, promo full length CD, a DVD video from your favorite band, a sticker or button that will show off your favorite artist or latest album released, and again, always feel free to contact us for anything you may be searching for and don’t seem to find on the site right away.